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DJ: Girls Who Dance in Dissonance

I'll be DJing the first part of this art opening featuring all women of color -- SO EXCITED. And after that, some other Honey Power ladies will take over, so I can head to Pomona to DJ the So Many Wizards show!  <3


From On August 12th from 7pm - 10pm Wayside will be hosting an opening for our newest exhibit Girls Who Dance in Dissonance. The show will feature work from over 10 female artists of color both based in LA and abroad, exploring the theme of fluid identity. 

It’s no secret that people of color and woman in general are underrepresented in media and society's consciousness at large. One of the many effects of underrepresentation is an undue burden where when a person of color is given a voice they are often seen as speaking for their entire community rather than as their individual self. In this exhibit we’ll be exploring that idea and hope to deconstruct that view through showing a wide variation of work that spans differing viewpoints and materials to display the complex, individual and even contradictory natures between a collection of women of color. The artwork itself will be varied in nature as well from paintings, video, installation and live performance pieces.